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Plan to kill Obama unraveled

Federal authorities in Tennessee announced today that they have arrested two alleged white supremacists in an alleged plot to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama by driving their vehicle at top speed and firing high-powered rifles at him from their car windows.
They also wanted to shoot and decapitate a large number African Americans.

This is definitely good news. First because thwarting youngsters with plans to murder anyone is always good, but also because it sends a clear message to those retards who will not vote for Obama because he is black: If your problem is that Obama is black, then you're in league with those we fought against in WW2.

And yes, there are plenty of racists out there that will not vote for a black candidate. Remember Tom Bradley? (All right, so I don't remember him anymore than I remember the Beatles, but you get the drift.)

Sources: L.A. Times | Politiken

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