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Danish priests believe in witchcraft

Aalborg Zoo has hired a real witch to entertain children and adults this Halloween weekend.

Denmark doesn't traditionally celebrate Halloween, but I guess it spills over from the US, as does so many other things, like Intelligent Design, the B.S. degree, sitcoms, and the Big Mac.

Anyhow, some Danish priests were serious when they warned parents not to subject their children to a "declared" witch's brew and amulets. They informed that the witch, Dannie Druehyld, has been practicing for years and takes her vocation quite seriously.

Aalborg Zoo responded by saying it is all 100% fun and zero percent religion. [Politiken]

Denmark is very secular society, but let there be no doubt that we have our fair share of crazy people who believes in the occult: Priests. They are about the only ones, though. When I was a teenager and Dungeons & Dragons was a popular role-playing game, some adult christians made an appreciable ruckus about D&D. Children were being led into satanism and away from God by fooling around with what the adults saw as real, while the kids of course knew and proclaimed to be just for fun.

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  1. mmm I found it really fun to read the article, some priests are just plain weird. Perhaps someone should stand outside the churches and warn against letting poor innocent children be exposed to priests. They will want your kids to (symbolically) eat the meat of some dude who died 2000 years ago, and drink his blood - what kinda yuuurky stuff is that? Teaching children cannibalism... Argh!


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