Field of Science

Live concert @ Aberdeen House

Payam Rowghanian (bass) and Bjørn Østman (piano/guitar/vocals) performing live on September 10, 2016. No fun intended.

I don't love you (Am) 29:57
Spooning (D) 34:15
Today's your birthday (E) 39:23
From the other side (C) 44:52
Saturday (E) 47:43
Table days (C) 55:27
Twelve (C) 1:00:20
Our moon (E) 1:03:10
Jealous (Gm) 1:13:29
Out on a limb (C) 1:18:54
You're so happy (G) 1:22:09
Grown man (A) 1:27:38
The final cut (Bb) 1:35:17