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Bunkum and balderdash of some renown has an early list of the election campaign whoppers of 2008. That is to say, the campaigns have had an especially difficult time with the truth this time around, because there is apparently more than enough material for FactCheck to post more than once before election day, while they usually post it just once a week before. For example:

McCain on Obama:
Sen. Barack Obama has voted to raise taxes on families earning as little as $32,000 per year, that Obama wants to tax your electricity and your heating oil, that he has voted for "higher" taxes 94 times, and that he will raise taxes for 23 million small-business owners. Each of these claims is false.
Obama on McCain:
if McCain had his way, "millions" who rely on Social Security would have seen their investments disappearing in the recent stock market turmoil. He referred to "elderly women" at risk of poverty and said families would be scrambling to support "grandmothers and grandfathers." Balderdash.
It's pronounced 'egregious', and it's a sad state of affairs that it is impossible to campaign for presidency without lying. I come from a small country (Denmark) where tactics like that usually will not go without a rebuttal. So why in the US? I'm all ears.

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