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Diamond bodyguards

I still have to write about my experience with Jared Diamond last Thursday. Keeps on slipping into the future...

But I will share this funny story about one of his two bodyguards. He was a big guy - at least 6 foot and 250 pounds. He stood there close by staring straight out through tight slits, not wavering. Pro.

Later, at the reception, I saw one of the organizers approaching him, asking a question. I imagine she offered him a drink of water or some such, and he seemed to answer in the negative, still staring straight. She came from the side, so he weren't able to see her at all when he answered.

When she withdrew whence she came, he just couldn't help himself taking a peek at her. But I saw him. Just a quick glance to see who he had been talking with. What was the face that went with that voice? For a moment he wavered, taking a break from scanning the bushes for snipers.

How unprofessional!

How endearing.

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