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Why not? Why not marry an ape? They're great! 

With marriage comes rights, and with rights comes responsibilities, as Steve Jones, geneticist at University College in London, has argued. He is opposed to the movement that would grant Great Apes status as persons, including the rights that comes with that. The Balearic Islands, an autonomous province of Spain, granted legal rights to all Great Apes in February 2008.

While I disagree with Dr. Jones about human evolution, I do agree that with rights comes responsibilities (e.g. that other people have rights too, and that you need to respect them), and if you aren't able to understand those, then it really doesn't make much sense. However, many humans of course don't understand their rights either. Children, for instance. Yet they have them. Ho hum.

Woman marries gorilla in a conservation effort. Not really funny, but a good idea. By WulffMorgenthaler.

At least she is marrying a silverback, and not a female, so presumably that wouldn't be a problem for right-wing bigots™.

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