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Of course the Vatican knows the stories are ridiculous

Salon also interviewed Bill Maher about Religulous, his new comedy/documentary that came out recently. It is apparently doing much better than Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed did. That one was about the expulsion from academia of those who believe in Intelligent Design, and it flopped big time (hint: it is a big bunch of lies).

Anyway, I haven't seen Religulous yet, but there is a revealing scene described in the interview:
Salon: Well, you've got these two Vatican priests in the film, and one of them, Reginald Foster, is this very funny guy who is totally not defending the most ridiculous aspects of Christianity.

Bill Maher: He's actually debunking them! Here's a guy who lives down the hall from the pope. We saw where the pope lives. And he's just saying, "Ah, they're all just stories." It gave us a real insight that perhaps some of these people who are in the hierarchies of the religions -- they don't really believe it. But they understand that you can't tear it all down for the common man, that people need their stories. It's just amazing that he would say it to me publicly, and on camera.

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