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New book from professor Ayers

Bill Ayers, professor of education at University of Illinois, Chicago, is set to release a sequel to his memoirs Fugitive Days from 2001. His publisher has announced that Ayers wished it to not be released before the election, and the date has thus been set to November 12th.

You wonder why, right? Why not release it before the 4th, and cash in?

"Obama and I planned the bombing of the Pentagon together. He was very much in on it, and as a radical lefty like myself didn't think twice about being part of it, as long as nobody would get hurt."

Nah, that doesn't sound likely to be in the new book, does it? Obama was 10 or 11 at the time!

My guess is that there isn't anything incriminating about Obama in the book whatsoever, but that Ayers has foreseen that an early release would shift focus from the present issues, which is winning the election for Obama, and allow even more easy shots from the McCain campaign.

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