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Give me your questions for Jared Diamond

On Thursday I am invited to a question session before Jared Diamond gives his talk at Harvey Mudd College, and I would like to solicit questions for him from you.

Please go ahead and post a question or two in the comments that you would like me to ask Jared Diamond, and I shall do my best to do so. Or you can email me at

I will attempt to take some notes and then report back here about the event.

Jared Diamond is of course an American evolutionary biologist, ornithologist, biographer, physiologist, and non-fiction author. Most famous are his books Guns, Germs, and Steel and Collapse (the latter on which he will be speaking Thursday evening), but also The Third Chimpanzee and Why Sex Is Fun, as well as a number of less famous books on diverse scientific topics. He speaks twelve languages. I will present the questions in English only.

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