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Education for Asperger

In Denmark the ministry of education put aside money for education for young people with Asperger-syndrome. Aspies are often quite intelligent, and can handle a narrow job with very good focus. I used to work in web development, so I know that much of the work IT is very routine. Perfect for Aspies. A story from Politiken (warning: Danish newpaper) details how to young students with Asperger was looking forward to starting an IT education, AspIT, but now the county has rejected them. That's sad, and I hope they get it all sorted out soon. But the interesting thing is the initiative. I reported a few years ago on a friend's blog (also in Danish) that a company hired several people with Autism as software testers. They were better than "normal" people at this, because of their syndrome-given attention to focus on repetitive work. And they love the work, so everybody wins. It's a great thing when a group with problems can break out and become a valued asset instead.

Perhaps we could similarly find some use for creationists? Ken Ham writing science-fiction scripts for Hollywood?

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