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Naked kid in a restaurant

My youngest son is nearly two, and, like his older brother, is a total fan of Ultraman (they are half japanese, after all). Every day they go nuts in at home playing Taro and Seven, running, jumping, and punching and kicking stuff and each other. Luckily, no one was hurt™.

This evening we found ourselves with company in a huge Chinese restaurant in Alhambra, Blue Ocean Seafood Restaurant. Always a good sign when a Chinese restaurant is chock full of Chinese people. But the really good thing about it was that it was big and noisy, because that made it possible for all the children to make a lot of noise, and for my youngest to pull off a trick he recently invented: He spills a little bit of water on his shirt, and then starts taking it off, not wanting to wear wet clothes, of course. Then, he takes his little Ultraman figure and runs around between the tables, air-punching and kicking while going "swatch!" without his shirt on, and no one seems to really mind, the waiters least of all.

The food was good, too.

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