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Albinos hunted for body parts in Tanzania

There are 150,000 albinos in Tanzania, and 27 of them have been killed so far this year because witch doctors need parts of their bodies to fashion into lucky charms (Politiken).

The issue is apparently very big in Tanzania, judging by the number of news articles covering albino killings:

That superstition hurts is of course nothing new.
  • In China they believe that consuming rhinoceros horn enhances virility.
  • In Catholicism they believe that eating human flesh and blood strengthens faith.
It's all dumb as heck, and the root cause of these problems is lack of education. There is no more efficient way to lead us all out of the darkness that superstition is than good education for all. Granted, that's easier said than done. So I'll just go ahead and say it, and leave it up to someone else to do something about it.

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