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Voting fraud in 2004

The Florida League of Conservation Voters Education Fund of Tallahassee, FL has a page describing voting fraud patterns in the 2004 Presidential election. An excerpt:
Reports from voters in Florida, New Mexico, Ohio, and elsewhere (especially other swing states) documented that many touchscreen voting machines appeared to have been set with a "Default to Bush". The "Default to Bush" could be changed only if a voter successfully selected another candidate. But it appears that in many cases the voters did not successfully override the "Default to Bush," in some cases because they did not notice the problem and in other cases because it was difficult or impossible to get the machine to accept another candidate.
The Votemaster also has a page with links to articles about the issue.

Basically, voting machines are rigged. This gave Bush Ohio and Florida in 2004. The deviance from the exit polls, which predicted Kerry to win, can be explained by voting machine fraud alone.

If you asked me, I would get rid of voting machines entirely. Paper works just fine, and there is no default and no computer manipulation possible.

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