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Greenland wants independence from Denmark

Greenland got some sort of independence from Denmark in 1978. They're a self-governing Danish province, whatever that means exactly. There are about 58,000 Greenlanders, and they just voted to move towards becoming a a regular country. A clear majority wants to be on their own. The vote does not grant immediate independence, as their own government and the Danish parliament have the final say. (News in English, Danish.)

I personally don't think that would be a good idea for them, but I'll admit that I don't really know much about the place and the politics. However, I do think that they should be the ones to decide how they want to affiliate themselves.

... just as it should be the case for Tibet and Taiwan. If they want independence from China, why the hell not? All right, I do realize there are reasons why China refuses: resources, power, and an aversion to losing face. Anything else? Except, don't give the that crap about how Taiwan is Chinese. You are what you want to be, and that can change over time. Eventually it always does.

The Faroe Islands also voted recently, but the result was against self-rule. They, on the other hand, are so damned bigoted that I would prefer that Denmark forces them out. They have two movie theaters, and they both forbade showing The Da Vinci Code. Losers. And they slaughter whales, which I don't like (ask me why). Bastards.

Whale blood. Lots.

Any other colonies that want independence from the mainland?

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