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Catholic scientists deny evolution

Catholic News Service reports from a closed meeting in Rome dedicated to "A Scientific Critique of Evolution." The French center invited five Catholic scientists to reveal "the bankruptcy of the evolutionary hypothesis," so we already know where this is going...

The scientists included
  • Pierre Rabischong, former dean of France's Montpellier University and an expert in prosthetics and improving the mobility of paraplegics.
  • Father Stanley L. Jaki, a professor of physics and the philosophy of science at Seton Hall University in New Jersey
  • Antonino Zichichi, an expert in subnuclear physics.
So they aren't biologists, let alone evolutionists, so what do they know?

it is impossible that humans and other creatures emerged out of chance.
Oh, ok. On what evidence? This:
His medical training and expertise in recreating the highly sophisticated and complex form and function of human limbs have exposed him to the mind-boggling beauty and perfection of "bio-architecture."

All living organisms are high-tech machines; therefore, they "cannot be produced by random processes" even if these developments spanned billions of years, he said. Science must "accept the possible intervention of a constructor of living systems even if he is invisible and mute.
He cannot, in other words, imagine it happening. "I don't know anything about evolution, but I know it could never have made this"(picture him holding up an amputated human leg as conclusive evidence).

Father Jaki:
that human chromosomes differ but slightly from those of higher apes only increases the problem of why humans, and they alone, think, speak and have science as well.
Really? Humans alone think? And speak? How do you know? Meet Koko, a gorilla who speaks and thinks. And if it's a competition of claims based on belief only, I will claim that all mammals think. We know they have the organ to do it with.

Look, they can have their little closed-door meetings all they want. The foundation for how Catholic popes, priests, and scientists talk about origins is based on a book. A book written by goat-herders.

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