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Beatles off-piste

I have for many years been deeply in love with the expression of John Lennon's love. The story of his love for Yoko Ono and his son and his untimely death never fails to bring tears.

I have for a very long time (that's not geological time) been that impressionable. Listening to 'Grow old with me' or 'God' never fails to make me weep in the good way.

That hasn't changed since I read 'John' by Cynthia Lennon. However, that's because the musics speaks to my emotions directly. Went it through a rational filter, the sensation would be different. Because here I see the man who was driven by the lust for stardom and sex - fine things indeed - but in his case they came only at the cost of neglect for his wife and son. His undying love for Yoko gets a twist with the story of his 'Lost Weekend,' and the way he abandoned Cynthia and Julian.

On top of all that, it now turns out that Lennon wasn't always the one of the four who was more the rocker and the avant-garde. Teaming up with a crazy artist is just not the only way. Apparently on January 5th, 1967, while recording Penny Lane at Abbey Road, Paul McCartney asked the other three to spend ten minutes for this 'off piste' project called 'Carnival of Lights.' They obliged, but thought it was so weird that they refused to release it (English, Danish). Hopefully now the fourteen minute long piece will see the light of day.

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