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Nate Phelps vs. Shirley Phelps-Roper

Nate Phelps is the son of Fred Phelps, reverend of Westboro Baptist Church. This is the one that hates just about everything in America, and surely everything outside. Nate is now an atheist, and lives in Canada, far away from his insane father. His sister, Shirley Phelps-Roper, is her father's right hand. Go read this article where Nate tells his story, and read the comments, where his sister explains
This is the generation that is about to see the rise of Antichrist, THAT WICKED, also called The Beast. He will pursuant to the promises of God arise from the sea of humanity and he has some work to do, and then, he will be destroyed with the brighteness of the coming of the Lord. YAY!
She's off her rockers. I couldn't agree more with Mavaddat, who comments
Shirley asks, “Why not just OBEY YOUR GOD!?”

The answer is simple, Shirley: We do not obey God because God (as you conceive of it) is evil.

What could be a better reason than that? There is no better reason to disobey God than the realization that obedience leads to God leads to committing evil.

Oh, I know another good reason: God is imaginary. The fact all imperatives ascribed to God actually represent the will of power-hungry, sexist men is a also good reason to disobey.
If there is any God resembling anything from the Old Testament, I will make sure to let him know what I think of him when I get the chance.


  1. would people worship a God that was not all powerful, all knowing and all good. I would not. Therefore, it Shirely roper has concieved a God which defies reasons for approval by any reasonable, thoughtful and moral person. I do not agree with her statements becuase if she were correct in her assertions, every human on earth (save for the members of the westboro baptist church) would be subject to death by cruel god.
    I also don't understand when she refers to the current constitution as support for her interpretations of the bible, as the constitution is fair and upholds the current moral consistances of society. How can certain amendments serve to support callous interpretations of a cruel god, when the amendments support the fair and balanceed punishment of offenders, not victims.

  2. Welcome to the bee, Anon.

    Assuming you worship a god, which one is that? If it's the Christian god, then do you not believe in all or most of the tales of the Old Testament?

    I agree with you if what she believes bewilders you. I trust she does not think her God is evil, but that people are bringing it on themselves, or something to that effect. I think she would not let what she believes be guided by the actions of humans. She would surely counter that all humans just have to do as God commands, and he would not have to punish them.

    But let that be all I try to deduce about how she think, her and her homophobic family.


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