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Bush voted for Obama?

So, W thinks Obama's victory was "pretty cool."

Disclaimer: I do not think Bush has been a good president. I will not excuse his actions.

It is becoming clearer that while Bush has officially been the guy at the helm for two terms, in reality he never really neither understood, commandeered, nor cared about politics. Can anybody shake the feeling that Bush would probably have found much more pleasure and fulfillment in clearing brush with the other cowboys on his Texas farm? Is there further doubt that the real people in control has been Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice...? I can't wait to see W.

And today another indication that Bush perhaps seconds his wife in being against his own policies: Americans electing Obama was "pretty cool." (in Danish.) Of course [as a republican I have to say that] "we might have preferred McCain to win." But I think I get the gist of what he means. Closet-democrat.

Reportedly, Bush is interested in writing a book about his years in the White house. Not that I don't find it ironic that a man who doesn't read books should write one, but if I am looking forward to the movie, this book could really be dynamite.

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  1. Hi, Texan-Norwegian here. Please do not associate Bush with Texas as he would like you to do. He is from Connecticut and would like nothing more than to have people speak about his faux Texan proclivities for various reasons.


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