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Sociologist in defense of gay-marriage

Much has been said recently for and against same-sex marriage. Those who are afraid of letting two men or two women marry argues that it is unnatural, against the constitution, or that God is the original homophobe. I have argued that homosexuality is very natural indeed, some have reminded us that there is nothing in the constitution about marriage, and many simply do not care what Yahweh the Homophobe thinks about the matter.

Professor of Sociology at Pitzer College, Phil Zuckerman came out yesterday with another very good reason that we should allow homosexuals to marry: Society would benefit from it. Why? Because there is a strong anti-correlation between how prosperous a country is and how religious its citizens are. His article in the Huffington Post explains how the most wealthiest countries are also the most secular, and therefore also the most accepting of gay-marriage.

He first reminds of that argument from homophobia:
The underlying reason religious people voted to revoke from gays and lesbians the legal right to marry is doggedly theological: God doesn't like it. And when a society or culture does things that God doesn't like, that society or culture will suffer.
However, that countries God wouldn't like suffers is just completely contrary to the facts, because secular countries does not seem to be suffering from God's punishment for their diminishing faith or for failing to only have sex the way He intended.
Where is the best place to be a mother and raise children? According to the latest Save the Children Report, it is relatively godless Sweden. The worst? Extremely Godful Niger. How about murder rates? Highly religious Columbia leads the globe, while highly secular Japan is near the bottom. What about strong economies? According to the World Economic Forum, of the top ten nations boasting today's most competitive economies, nine are relatively irreligious (the USA being the sole exception).
The conclusion is clear: Gay sex makes for better societies. More secular societies are more successful, and more secular societies are more tolerant - towards homosexuality and mormonism.

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