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Danes are crazy like the rest of them

Two stories from my favorite Danish newspaper today about asinine credulity:

Priest warns against Satan's offspring, nisser. They are pretty much the same thing as Santa's helpers, the elves. The priest reminds us that displaying nisser during Christmas is devil worship, and is contrary to the Christian Christmas. And he is right, of course, because they originate from non-christian folklore, and are as imaginary as the little baby Jesus, so they are in a constant battle over who rules Christmas.

Twelve cancer-patients are going to be in a research-project about faith healing. That people believe in such inanity is borderline depressing. But common enough that it isn't a surprise, unfortunately. The good news is that it looks like it will be a properly conducted experiment, though only with twelve patients, which is probably not going to show anything with statistic significance, just because of both normal regenerative healing and placebo effects. But with some luck it will show that faith healing is as effective as praying for lower gas prices ¿? ...

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