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Yes, we can be homophobes

Obama's new military: Gays showering with straights
It's been a while since I've heard something really juicy from the always odious AFA. Of course, they are fundamentalist Christians, so they think sex between two men is the most repugnant thing they like to think about every night after they save their prayers. Making it their business what other people do in private is a religious right. (AFA website.)

So of course they are going to freak when Obama tells them to take shower with gays.
Gays showering with straights? Absolutely.

If President Obama, congressional Democrats, and homosexual activists get their wish, your son or daughter may be forced to share military showers and barracks with active and open homosexuals who may very well view them with sexual interest.

Talk about creating a hostile work environment for people who practice normative sexuality!

As former General Colin Powell observed in 1993 (before bowing to pressures of political correctness), " would be prejudicial to good order and discipline to try to integrate gays and lesbians in the current military structure."
Gotta love pretty much every word of it.

What exactly do they think is going to take place in the showers? Erections? Soap just lying on the floor for months and months?

Military morale will break down because now the straight men (somehow I have trouble seeing this being a problem in the women's showers, but what I don't know but wish I did) will be harassed by the gay military activists? So the gays will view the straights with sexual interest, and so... what? Orgies? Rape?

I get the point that the homophobes for Christ (say that they) fear that allowing homosexuals in the military (as though they weren't there already) would
undermine recruiting and retention, impact leadership at all levels, have adverse effects on the willingness of parents who lend their sons and daughter to military service, and eventually break the All-Volunteer Force.
So much for patriotism, eh? Do you imagine enforcing a no-sex policy in the showers? And impact leadership? Why? Because of sexual harassment? I think they imagine the effect of the first gay general. "Camouflage is out, men. Rainbows are in.
"Overturning the ban will likely preclude advancement and promotions for officers and chaplains who do not publicly affirm homosexual behavior, essentially ending their military careers.
I'm not sure what "affirm" means in this context, but surely you can be promoted whether or not you publicly state that you support gays in the military, or homosexuality in general. If, on the other hand, affirm here means that they cannot live with working side by side with homosexuals, then they are, in my mind, unfit for leadership. I mean for officers. Chaplains? No, it seems like a prerequisite to be a homophobe, so perhaps that does present a genuine problem. My solution would be to get rid of army chaplains, but that's another story.
If we do not insist that the ban on homosexual military service be retained, our military will no longer be the place America's families want to send their best and brightest young men and women.
Oh, is that where they are going now?

Full disclosure: I have not been in the military. I am not homosexual. I am not a homophobe. I am not religious. I am not a democrat. I am not a republican. I am not even American. Nobody cares what I think.

Update Feb 10th:
The AFA also wants the government to force homosexuals to get psychotherapy.

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