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Evolution highlights XIV

Bunch of interesting new papers on evolution came out recently. Here are links to ScienceDaily, which is really the best resource on the web for easy reads on all things science.

Moral intuition does not come from religion, if we are to believe Marc Hauser, again.
Morality Research Sheds Light on the Origins of Religion

As if it wasn't hard enough to come to grips with birds evolving from dinosaurs, now it is being suggested that birds preceded the dinosaurs, and that velociraptor really was more of a big bird on steroids.
Bird-from-Dinosaur Theory of Evolution Challenged: Was It the Other Way Around?

Two distantly related butterflies (genus Heliconius) with similar wing patterns have had their genomes sequenced, and it turns out that similar genes (homologs) are responsible.
How the Butterflies Got Their Spots

This sentence is a clever reduction of both methods and results of something about the evolution of mitochondria. This sentence explains how fascinating and important this research is.
Did Bacteria Develop Into More Complex Cells Much Earlier in Evolution Than Thought?

From the abstract:
How did the process of protein import in mitochondria—which facilitated the evolution of this organelle, and thus, eukaryotic cell evolution—arise? Was the process driven by the ancestral host cell or by the prokaryotic endosymbiont, or by both?

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