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Carnival of Evolution #20 - blog phylogenetics

In Carnival of Evolution #20, which is just out this morning, Psi Wavefunction has taken the URLs of the submitted posts and analyzed them as if they were proteins.

Psi then constructed cladograms, and find that blog-posts that we know come from the same blog actually form clades. Except one clade, which is paraphyletic (see the red branches on this figure →). Apparently I have a paraphyletic blog, which completely blows my mind. So Darwin's Bulldog must have branched off from one of my posts, even though it has existed for longer than my blog. Hmmm....

On top of that, the submitted posts this month - all about evolution - are both abundant and exceptionally good, and that's despite the fact that we're are now in the year 2010. The official Not Darwin Year. Evolution for the win!

Next edition, CoE #21, will be on Mauka to Makai. Submit your posts already using this form.

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