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I won The Tangled Bank!

I was just on a webminar with Carl Zimmer and Chris Mooney, talking about their new books. Carl went first, and at the end of his presentation there was a drawing for a copy of his book, The Tangled Bank, and he chose 18, and that was me, and now I'm so excited, and they will send me the book, and I will read it, and, and, and (gasping for air)...

It's hard to get anyone else here at work to see just how exciting this all is, but surely you and I can share the excitement, right?

I wasn't really able to listen to much of what Mooney said after the excitement!!!


  1. Well you going to tell us what the book is like? I suppose being a purist you will want to read it first?

  2. Bah! No, I'll tell you right now. It's great for learning about lot about evolutionary history, especially because it has many fine illustrations, but it is lacking a little in current theory. At least, that will be my null hypothesis.

    Disclaimer: I have not yet read The Tangled Bank, so take the minireview above with a gran of salt (like eggs).


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