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Curious Scientia Pro Publica #20

Scientia Pro Publica #20 is up on Kind Of Curious. This time it includes a post by Nature Blog's Henry Gee about the recently discovered oldest tetrapod footprints.
What does it all mean?

It means that the neatly gift-wrapped correlation between stratigraphy and phylogeny, in which elpistostegids represent a transitional form in the swift evolution of tetrapods in the mid-Frasnian, is a cruel illusion. If – as the Polish footprints show – tetrapods already existed in the Eifelian, then an enormous evolutionary void has opened beneath our feet.
And a challenge:
Note: the first person to find any part of this post quote-mined in support of creationism will receive the highly prestigious and coveted Order of the Unicycling Girrafe.
Not sure what a girrafe is, though. Exciting!

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