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Best apologetic of the month Jan/2010

With fanfare, it is my pleasure to bestow the inaugural "Best apologetic of the month" for January 2010 to Taylor Sharp, 21, from Orange County. He posted this comment here on Pleiotropy:
Proving Evil exists doesnt mean anything. Yes God created Evil but without it human life could not exist.

Good cannot exist without Evil, aka you cant know one thing without knowing its opposite and thats why human life could not exist without Evil. God created Evil knowing that it is the only possible way human life could exist.

So in the end - Evil is in itself Good, because without it we could not exist in this world at all.

Seeing as probably nobody will believe or understand that u can email me if u want and i'd be happy to explain further.
Congratulations to Taylor!

The competition was steep, at least if comments found anywhere on the web are eligible (and I say they are). Still, Taylor's is by far the best comment I've seen arguing for the existence of God by apologizing for his inadequacies.


  1. Wow, evil is actually good?

    That's a pretty big statement.

  2. I agree. It was a stupendous use of logic. Good enough for a t-shirt or a coffee cup, at least.

  3. I got a commenter on my blog whose "proof" of an "Intelligent and Perfect Creator" I decided to dissect. Most of it is typical claptrap about a first cause ex nihilo, together with semantic shenanigans with the word "perfect" -- all tired territory, though he did manage to pack an impressive number of fallacies in a small amount of space!

    What really qualified him for extreme facepalmery was his assertion, following a "proof" that this "Intelligent and Perfect Creator" must have provided humanity with a "Life's Instruction Manual", that:

    Therefore, the Creator's "Life's Instruction Manual" has been available to man at least since the beginning of recorded history. The only enduring document of this kind is the Tor•âh′

    Even ignoring all of the logical FAIL, it appears he believes that the Torah is the world's oldest known scripture. Wow.


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