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Putting together a curriculum in evolutionary medicine

At a life science institution where most research is related to human health, my adviser's lab is one of the few exception. We do evolution (mostly), so it would be great to teach a course on evolutionary theory. At our weekly lab meeting, I suggested that he put together a course on evolutionary medicine. What's that, then?

Chris, here are some resources:

The great evolution website at Berkeley has an easy-to-read section on why evolution is relevant that includes a few pages about medicine.

Five Reasons Why Evolution Is Important, by Steven Newton, NCSE.
  1. H1N1 & Emerging Diseases
  2. HIV
  3. Vaccines
  4. Antibiotic Resistance
  5. Drug Development
Making evolutionary biology a basic science for medicine, Randolph M. Nesse et al., PNAS 2010 107:1800-1807.

Evolution: medicine’s most basic science, R.M. Nesse, The Lancet, Volume 372, Pages S21 - S27, 1 December 2008.

Oh, and references therein...


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