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Gays in the military?

The always odious AFA has a poll on whether homosexuals should be allowed to serve in the US military. So far the results look like this:
President Obama and liberal members of Congress now strongly urge repealing current law for a new “LGBT Law,” allowing for open and practicing homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders to serve in the military.

Should open homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders be allowed to serve in the U.S. Military?
Yes 344
No 5,335

Cast your Vote in the Online Poll
We are not surprised.

I suggest you go cast your vote, too.


  1. How bad, I just checked, and a simple bot will not be able to crash the poll...
    Cheers Arend

  2. Yes, that is a shame. Can't even see the results without voting.

  3. They also used the wording that is statistically most likely to get a No response. That's not even counting the sentence before the question.

    AFA is pure evil.

  4. Interesting article. I did not know that people respond better (i.e. more favorable of homosexuality) when referring to 'gays' rather than 'homosexuals'. We should begin to say 'heterosexual' all the time. Every time we talk of any religious person, just add 'heterosexual' in to their description. It'll be fun to watch the long term effects.


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