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Presidential failure

Dangnabbit, Obama wouldn't presidentially proclaim February 12 as Darwin Day. What a surprise bummer.
Thank you for signing our Darwin Day Petition. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in obtaining a presidential proclamation this year, but we plan to keep growing our movement in hopes of a proclamation next year.

Darwin Day is administered by the American Humanist Association (AHA). The mission of the AHA is to be a clear, democratic voice for Humanism in the United States; to increase public awareness and acceptance of humanism; to establish, protect and promote the position of humanists in our society; and to develop and advance humanist thought and action. In short, we strive to bring about a progressive society where being "good without God" is an accepted way to live life. Become a member!
It really ought to be up there on Obama's list of priorities along with health care, the economy, and ending American hegemony (and maybe it is, but this one is just a much tougher nut to crack). Maybe next year...

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