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Teh irony! It burns!

Somewhere in the comments to a poll about homeschooling, Linda writes
Doug, If you think Creation Science is just junk or "ignorant", you should read Darwin's Black Box by Dr. Michael Behe (a molecular biochemist, not a Christian as far as I know) There are many other serious scientists that should be read regarding the Creation Science/Evolution debate. Evolution is a flawed theory that has been treated as fact. Perhaps, investigation over assumption is better. [Emphasis added.]
Well, Linda Lou, perhaps you should read it, because Behe writes right there toward the end of it that he is a Roman Catholic. So, perhaps investigation over assumption is indeed better.

Of course there is more than irony here: Evolution is not a (flawed) theory that is treated as fact. It is a theory that is treated as a theory (and it isn't flawed), and the fact of evolution is that evolution did and does occur.

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