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Big bang, ice age, salamanders, humans!

If you ever read newspaper and magazine articles about evolution and/or creationism, you might have noticed how muddled many people's understanding of evolution is. For example, Douglas Todd, writes in the Vancouver Sun about the 12 theories of evolution. The what now? He talks about "random selection", Theosophy, and "conscious evolution".

In the discussion following, we get this particular gem that I will savor forever:
There are many so called scientist who make a big fat pay cheque from the big bang theory . If the ice age was only 10,000 years ago how did mankind evolve from tiny salamanders to our present form so fast ?


How did humans evolve from tiny salamanders within 10,000 years? What can I say? I cannot explain that.

Also, big bang theory to ice age and salamanders? x(


  1. Wow. I'm just going to assume that was a joke. Only someone who actually knew what they were talking about could pack so many false assertions into so few words.

  2. Well,

    I guess the funniest question is, why salamanders survived the ice age? (At least in the commentators head)

    Did they fit - because they are so tiny - below the moving glaciers? Or could they just freeze into an ice blob, whereas all the other furry creatures over heated from running away from the pyro- sorry ico-clustic-cloud, since we all know that glaciers move extremely fast?

    I guess this reflects the ration of sane vs. insane 1 to 11...
    Cheers Arend

  3. "How did humans evolve from tiny salamanders within 10,000 years?"

    Ummm...not at all?

    I'm not sure whether this is ignorance or stupidity, but it's weapons-grade, either way.


  4. Every time I read inane comments like this one about salamanders I "feel" that these people are senior. I am not sure why I do, but perhaps it is merely because it fits well with the fact that older people are more conservative and creationist, and less open to evolution. The younger people are the more liberal and pro-evolution. That's a good trend, and I am optimistic. (See Epiphenom for the data.)

  5. Holy crap, that's spam so dense that it is in danger of collapsing in on itself and creating a spammernova!

    Interesting you picture it being an old person; I picture it being a young idealistic evangelical, a la VenomFangX. They are disturbingly common these days...

  6. We are in the middle of a spam surge. Highly annoying.

    But, I thought the VenomFangXs were banned from using the internet by their parents...


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