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Fail speaks the truth.

But seriously (no, really!), in the debate about homeschooling, some will counter that homeschooled children are great critical thinkers. Yeah, I know! I couldn't believe the claim either, but go to Undeception to see for yourself

And here's another unmissable from Failblog.

epic fail pictures

Hasn't he always been?


  1. Задумалась о презентах на ДР младшему сыну, ему 3 года, различные-машинки-конструкторы у него есть предостаточно, ему нравится мышонок Тич. Я откапала типа такой игрушки, только мишку -разговаривающий медведь Куби, кто-либо покупал такого? Стоит покупать? Или посоветуйте что-нибудь еще. Не дайте сыну остаться без праздника от родителей.

  2. Very appropriate!

    Google translates it from Russian as

    Thought of a present on DR youngest son, his 3-year-different cars-the designers he has plenty, he likes mouse Thich. I otkapala like a toy, just chatting bear-bear Kubi, anyone buying this? Worth buying? Or advise something else. Do not let her son go without a holiday from their parents.

  3. Jesus ain't cheap, but he can be had?


  4. Aha! An advertising slogan:

    Get a Piece of the Rock (of Ages)



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