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Scientia Pro Publica 22

The biggest science blog carnival, Scientia Pro Publica, is ready with a new edition at Stephen Curry's Reciprocal Space.

One post, on the Daily Monthly, is about HIV medications, and ends with this rather bleak outlook:
For the near-term, Wessner isn’t optimistic about another approach of treating HIV. A clinical trial of an HIV vaccine was completed in Thailand last year, and while there was some success, it was quite modest, and did not rise to statistical significance. It also had no beneficial effects for people who did end up getting infected with HIV.

Ultimately, if no vaccine is produced, the battle against HIV is going to be long and expensive. As I mentioned in my second post on the subject, at least 50,000 Americans are infected with HIV each year, and the rate of infection isn’t decreasing.
HIV/AIDS is the forgotten disease: I had no idea that 50k people are infected each year in America alone.


  1. Because Nature Network has just changed blogging platforms, the old link for the carnival may no longer work. But you can find it here:


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