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Homophobia as state policy

It's a funny damned thing that when a nation finally drags itself out of the stone-age, it's always too much to hope that the people who do it aren't somehow cavemen after all.

Prime minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai is the main man running against President Mugabe, who runs one of the most ridiculous countries on Earth. Tchangisvai might have gotten Nobel's peace prize last year (Obama caused .093% more peace). Great man, in other words.

Except that he is in complete agreement with hatter Mugabe on writing the new constitution: The both will not consider adding gay rights to the new constitution they're drafting, because homosexuals are "worse than dogs and pigs”.

But, perhaps in another few decades things will have changed for the better... even dogs or pigs or gays might be treated with decency. All three would be too much to hope for.
ZANU-PF’s [Mugabe's party] thematic talking points on the constitution say “. . . we should not allow same-sex marriages as this is taboo in African culture and traditions. The Bible also forbids same-sex marriages. The constitution should specifically outlaw homosexuality, lesbianism, sodomy, etc.”
African tradition (any tradition) my ass! But, if it says so in the Bible, then who are we to argue?

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