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Evolutionary biologists for sexy TV

A British filmmaker is looking for an evolutionary biologists in the US to appear on a TV program. Only, there are a couple of caveats:
Looking for a female American Evol Biologist for TV

I'm a producer for a science television company in the UK, and I'm on the lookout for a female, American evolutionary biologist to front a possible tv programme about the evolution of sex. If anyone is interested, or can recommend anyone, I would be very grateful of you could contact me off-list at

Many thanks,

Liz Newton BSc (Hons) MSc
Freelance Science Writer / Film-maker ¦ 07796 033 490

Liz Newton
So, males are out, and aliens are out. If you want to make a program about (the evolution of) sex, is it better to have a female host? Why?

Does sound like it could be an intersting program, for sure.

(Via EvolDir.)


  1. Is that PC?

    After all I would love to showcase my perfect beautyful body as well!

    Mens sana in corpore sano! Afterall!

    Cheers Arend

    BTW: since God is spelled with a capital G we should start spelling Evolution with a capital E as well as Theory, Hypothesis and Experiment...

  2. I was thinking the same about PC, and I am not sure.

    Capitalizing indicates a particular instance of something, e.g. the Galaxy vs. any other galaxy, but since evolutionary theory changes all the time, I personally prefer to use lower-case.

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