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Scientia Pro Publica 23: Conclusion

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Research Blogging has nominated a lot of its contributing blogs for various awards, some of them in multiple categories, and many more not at all. 96well looks at the statistics and argues that nominations apparently had nothing to do with popularity nor productivity. As a result, This blog is for sale.
I'm sure to be a very-bad writer, and I'm not pretending to write common interesting things in this niche-blog, but I don't consider serious of researchblogging to include in its best of the best, blogs with only 8, 3 or even 0 (zero!) icon-posts. The researchblogging icon was designed to:

distinguish your serious posts from news, politics, family, bagpipes

and serious icon-posting means to accomplish strict mandatory guidelines in the communication of the scientific research and to influence official citation metrics. Researchblogging, being irrespectful of its own icon, was irrespectful of its origins and of most of its productive and popular bloggers**.

Lastly, our Scientia Pro Publica administrator, GrrlScientist, has come up with the idea of advertiszing all the sciencey blog carnivals on Twitter. I'm the admin of Carnival of Evolution, and I wholeheartedly concur - we need to raise awareness of our carnivals, because we need people to read our blogs to expose more people to science. Introducing the Science, Medicine, Environment and Nature Blog Carnival Twitter Feed.
I am interested to read your thoughts about the most effective use of this twitter feed as we develop it to promote communication with the public about science, the environment, nature and medicine. If you are the host or manager of a blog carnival and you think it fits the spirit of this twitter feed, please either leave a message here or contact us at this email address so the URL of the most recent edition can be tweeted.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

And with that we have at last come to our only friend, the end, of this huge-ish edition of your favorite general science blog carnival, Scientia Pro Publica. For those of you who've made it this far (and for those who skipped), here is a special treat that I want to share with you all: a few videos by an animal-loving band called The Beetles. I just discovered them last week, and they're really great. Lovely tunes, though they could work a bit on their instrumental skills. Unfortunately, as far as I can see they might have broken up already. Here are a few songs about the stone gardens that some octopussies make, wanting to be a walrus, and one of several songs about birds. The last of these three is a poetic one about research on Turdus merula:


  1. Thanks for all the hard work! and for including my submission.

    I think I've heard that band before but I can't quite remember where.

  2. Well, they're European, so you're probably mistaking them for some American band.

  3. WOW! That was an amazing carnival, great work :) It's lovely to see so many submissions, all laid out by category. Thanks for including the norovirus post.

  4. Thanks for a great round-up, well organized.


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