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Scientia Pro Publica 23: Beginning

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Welcome to the twenty-third edition of Scientia Pro Publica, where some of the best science-blogging is featured with much fanfare.

It has been a pleasure reading all the submitted posts. It always is. I have increased both my factual knowledge about nature - and thus my horizon - in ways that I think would not be nearly as easy if it wasn't for the science bloggers. Thank you all.

This time there was a fair number of submissions (I've used a couple of statistical methods to estimate the number, which gave a value of 263.29 ± 41 SD), so I've separated them into eight different posts to make it easier to navigate them. Use the links above to find the other pages.

Scientia Pro Public 24 will be hosted by Andrew at 360 Degree Skeptic on April 5th. Go ahead and submit your posts for that edition already using the online form at Blog Carnival.

Contributing blogs:

A DC Birding Blog Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog Bioblog: Biology in the News Code for Life Deep Sea News Deep Thoughts and Silliness EcoTone EnviroBuzz Genetic Future Lab Rat Living the Scientific Life making owls cool since 1986 Maniraptora: Tastes Like Chicken mental indigestion PhD to be Rangle Reconciliation Ecology rENNISance woman Reportergene Save Your Breath For Running Ponies Savvy Saplings Theoretically Speaking The Phytophactor This View of Earth Thoughtomics time travelling The Primate Diaries xenobiotica 360 Degree Skeptic


  1. Nice job with this edition (and thanks for including my posts).

    via The Primate Diaries [...True to form, a single edition has influenced multiple posts in the blogospheric version of pleiotropy...]

  2. A great carnival. Thanks for including me.


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