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Project Steve is going well

If you've never heard about Project Steve, then amuse yourself by catching up.

The NCSE launched Project Steve to mock the Dissent From Darwinism and related projects to amass signatures of scientists who are "skeptical about evolution."

Over 1,100 scientists named Steve has signed the document.
Among the 1101 current signatories to Project Steve are 100% of eligible Nobel laureates (Steven Weinberg and Steven Chu), 100% of eligible members of President Obama's Cabinet (Steven Chu, the Secretary of Energy), at least ten members of the National Academy of Sciences, the authors of widely used textbooks such as Molecular Biology of the Gene, Psychology: An Evolutionary Approach, and Introduction to Organic Geochemistry, and the authors of popular science books such as A Brief History of Time, Why We Age, and Darwin's Ghost. When last surveyed in February 2006, 54% of the signatories work in the biological sciences proper; 61% work in related fields in the life sciences.
I just might change my name to Steffen so I can sign it too.

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  1. I love the steve project. It's such a great idea. I'm glad to know it's still going strong and well.


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