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Evolution blurbs

Great article in the NY Times by Nicholas Wade on why humans have become (mostly) hairless: Why Humans and Their Fur Parted Ways. He quickly mentions the aquatic ape theory, but (rightly) leaves it at that. While some people are very much into the theory, certain isotopes would have been present in bones if humans had gone through an aquatic stage are absent (I can't find a reference for this at the moment, so instead take a look at other objections on Wikipedia). The hypothesis discussed is that loss of hair was adaptive because of fleas, which were highly beneficial to get rid of.

David Sloan Wilson discusses the evolution of war with John Horgan, Evolution and War: Basic and Advanced. Wilson said Horgan flunked Evolution 101, and Horgan then called Wilson arrogant. Wilson then takes a deep breath.

Gary Ruvkun: “My rule of thumb is to ignore the evolutionary biologists — they’re constantly telling you what you can’t think.” Again Nicholas Wade in the NY Times, Tests Begin on Drugs That May Slow Aging.

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