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Math nerds make the big bugs

Math nerds (yes, there are different kinds) are making the big money. Stat nerds, actually. Right out of college. But the real treat in this blurby article, Math Nerds Getting Richer, Sexier, is the comments:

For example:
BL's one date with statistician:
Math Boy (geeky but v. cute and in that big hands/wide pelvis way that usually means something good is afoot) rambles on and on about what he does, drops mathy science, for about an hour until BL's eyes are about to roll.
BL: So what's the probability of your having a big cock, statistically (slurred) speaking?
Math Boy: That would be fifty-fifty. Here, let me improve those odds. Bartender!
That smart-looking lady in front of the blackboard who wrote that math is fun? She doesn't lie.

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