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Creationist stupidity soars to new heights

If you want to see just how exceptionally stupid some creationists are, read this article by the Atlanta Church and Culture Examiner, Genetics: science against evolution. You could write a whole treatise about the surplus of misconceptions, falsehoods, and illogical claims seen here. For example:
Microevolution is simply the rearranging of genetic information that is already present. A child may be born with blond, brown, red, or black hair. Hair could be curly, straight or a combination of the two. However, hair is still hair and no new information has been added to the genes.
This guy seriously does not understand the concept of information. If the parents have black hair and the offspring have red (and this is due to a mutation), then there is new information in the genome, namely to make the hair red. Exceptional asininanity.

The common claim that mutations can only cause loss of information, not increase information, can readily be dismembered:

Suppose a mutation changing Adenine to Guanine at a certain location in a gene causes a loss of information (it could destroy the whole gene by disrupting expression, for example), then - obviously - a mutation changing Guanine to Adenine in that same location causes results in a gain of information (the gene now functions again). Case closed.

If you then claim that humans are perfect, and thus every nucleotide is the optimal one from the beginning (that would be Genesis I), then the answer would be that when the environment changes (for example to suddenly include predators of humans), then there is no information in the genome about how to respond, and this can now be written into the genome by mutations. Whenever the environment changes, information is lost, and then mutations (in the very broad sense that includes SNPs, recombination, insertions, deletions, transposable elements, gene flow, horizontal transfer, etc.) is the way information is gained.

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