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Hindus go fanatical over paintings

Here's a story reminiscent of the ruckus caused by (the reaction to the) Danish cartoons of Muhammad back in 2005.

(Some) Hindus are crazy like the rest of them. An Indian artist depicted Ganesh, god of intellect and wisdom (among other things), performing a Maori dance, walking naked carrying a garden rake, and in the pose of Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker. As a result he was received threats on his life and on his fingers.
The artist added that the threats began when Sanatan Sanstha, a hard-line group which presents Hinduism as a form of science, told Hindus to call him and “express their anguish” at the images.
As a form a science. Right. If you're that far out it's no wonder a depiction of your beloved god will make you threaten someone on their life. (No, I am not saying I would ever threaten anyone because they dissed Issac or Charles.)
One, the extremist organisation Hindu Janagruti Samiti (HJS), called for demonstrations at the exhibition venue.

“We intend to have peaceful protests, but we are not responsible for any law and order problem if it arises,” said Jayesg Thali, an HJS convener.
Oh, and we were so worried, but this of course makes it completely safe! No instigation of religious mobs with hurt feelings going nuts can be imagined now.

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  1. Any minute now a fundimentalist somewhere is going to discover "Jesus and Mo"

    Then the midden will *really* hit...


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