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No roadside assistance for homosexuals

The AFA sent me this email.
The American Automobile Association (AAA) has begun offering "Family Memberships" to homosexual couples, recognizing the homosexual couple as being "married," according to a homosexual activist organization in Florida.

Thirty states have overwhelmingly voted to define marriage as being between one man and one woman. Yet AAA is treating homosexual couples as if they are married.

The homosexual couples need only state that they are married to receive the family benefit. In the eyes of AAA two homosexuals living together constitute “marriage” and make a "family." All they have to do to get the "family membership" benefits is to say "we are gay and married."

Take Action!
Please contact AAA immediately, urging them to reverse their policy recognizing homosexual couples as if they were "married" for purposes of AAA Family Memberships.
Sheesh! I mean, the conservative Christian AFA has a problem with homosexuals getting equal benefits? Even in an automobile club? Why? Must homosexuals be squeezed out of every part of society? What, pray tell, is the harm to conservative Christians if homosexuals get the same roadside assistance as heterosexuals? Is there some place in the freaking Bible that says homosexuals have to pay more for a tow-truck?

Get a life, you fucking morons!


  1. Hear hear!

    They're caught up in the principle of the thing. It's no longer about their actual beliefs.

  2. Do you think the AAA would also recognize heterosexual couples that are living together? If they had done that three years ago I might never have gotten married! :P

  3. Ha ha. That's true. Why get married when you can get roadside assistance just by living together?

    Perhaps it is time for heterosexuals to boycott marriage until it is for everyone.

  4. Denying discounted roadside assistance to gay couples is exactly what Jesus would have done. Those folks at the AFA, they really understand how to be ambassadors for their faith. It's like the Bible says, "they shall know you are Christians by your love". And lemme tell you, nothing makes a person feel more loved than being refused a price break on a necessary service because your life fails to conform with some otherwise-uninterested third party's definition of morality.

    Oh, excuse me. I think I've had too many serums of sarcasm today. I'm really very sorry. It won't ever happen again. Honest.

  5. Fact is you have all lost any common sense you had. Not about AFA being a Christian group. It is simply about homosexuals getting favorable treatment not afforded to anyone else simply b/c of sexual orientation. Two straight people living together must pay as singles as should homosexuals. When you all grow up a little and quit demanding special rights it might alleviate some of what you see as hostility. GROW UP!!!!

  6. It is simply about homosexuals getting favorable treatment not afforded to anyone else simply b/c of sexual orientation.

    Oh yeah?! You don't think it would be unfair to homosexuals if they couldn't get the same benefits with AAA as married couples? It's people like you won't allow homosexuals to marry, thus demanding favorable treatment for heterosexuals. I'm sure all homosexuals would agree that they'd rather be allowed to marry like everyone else, than having this special benefit at AAA.


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