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Noah's Ark and other boats

When Noah's Ark saved the day during the flood, how come no other humans survived in other boats? Surely there were plenty of other boats around, no?


  1. But, srrously Dude, I don't see what the flying unicorn has to do with the boats?

  2. Simon's ship, Jimmy's dinghy, Carl's canoe, Tom's trawler, Paul's pram, Karen's kayak, Gordon's gondola, Bjørn's barge, Yoko's yacht?

  3. Well, ya see, God sent an angel around the night before the Flud with a hammer and spike and instructions to knock holes in the bottoms of all other water-faring craft.

    Next, while the rain was pouring down and during the time when the Earth was covered in water, He had the angels throwing boulders (later to mistaken as evidence of an Ice Age), using anyone using a log or other flotation device for target practice.

    Obvious, really. I can't see how it came to be cut from the Bible.



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