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Attitudes towards homosexuals can change is a great site for the latest research in the natural sciences. Here bloggers apply to register, and then when they blog about peer-reviewed academic research on their own blogs, they import and get a link with a blurb on the site.

The most active of them all, The British Psychological Society's Research Digest Blog has a new post that I find most fascinating: Intervention helps reduce homophobia.

It's about how a group of people imagining how it would be to live in a society where sex is not permitted, and how that affects the participants attitudes towards people who are homosexual. It turns out that
"[people who was in this experiment] were more able to take the perspective of homosexuals, than were the control participants [who attended a lecture on homophobia] , and this in turn was associated with more empathy towards people who are homosexual, a greater tendency to think of homosexuals and heterosexuals as all belonging to the same category (being human) and ultimately to more positive attitudes towards people who are homosexual."

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