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The violent gay conspiracy

I got another email from the Christian conservative AFA bashing homosexuals some more. This time they are telling me how much Christians are suffering under the oppression of a handful of gays who influenced two TV-stations to not air this program called 'Silencing Christians'. Here's the first part of six on youtube, uploaded by someone with the username 'uckfobama'.

Here's a few outrageous quotes from the video with my comments:

0:50: "I believe that the caricature that's painted of Christians as being mean and hateful it creates a context where violence is being perpetrated against Christians." [Where is all this violence against Christians? Perhaps we are talking about Christians resisting arrest when they demonstrate against homosexuals?]
6:00: "There's nowhere you can turn to without being bombarded by the message that homosexuals need special rights." [Wrong! They want equal rights, not special right. You Christians are the ones who wants special rights.]
7:28: "If they have a right to go out and say gay is good, then I should have the right to say that I don't believe in it." [What does he mean by 'believe' in it? Like, if he has the right to say that he is not a blabbering moron, then I have the right to say that I don't believe that he is not a blabbering moron?]
8:05: "[Children] should not be forced by the government into situations where they are being indoctrinated into beliefs their parents don't agree with." [I agree. This should always be objected against, as when children are being indoctrinated by having to say 'One nation under God', etc.]
8:38: "What kind of society will our grandchildren grow up in if basically all sexual behavior and all forms of marriage are defined as equally valid? That is a recipe for national decline over time. No nation can sustain itself with that kind of sexual and family ethic." [Not all forms of sexual behavior - only that which takes place in private among consenting adults. Not all forms of marriage - only that between two consenting adults. No, it is not a recipe for national decline. You say yes, I say no. You have no evidence. Back up your claim. Yes, there are self-sustaining nations that allow homosexual activity as well as marriage. They are doing fine: The Netherlands, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Norway, Belgium. Civil unions and registered partnerships are allowed in many more countries, and none of them are in particular decline.]

You can see the whole video here. I didn't have the stomach for it, though.


  1. Det er jo vanvid!!
    Anyways, her paa Cayman er der osse godt gang i den. Se f.eks. denne artikel fra i dag om "the Bill of Rights":

  2. Via the link from Jasper, I find that there is a draft of a constitution in the Cayman Islands that a human rights group does not think go far enough in terms of human rights. Leader of government business, Mr. Tibbetts, think the group is silly, and should stop objecting on the grounds that this constitution goes further than the previous one - which didn't have any human rights provisions at all.

  3. Anti-gay Christians seem to me to be way more confrontational than anti-Christian gays. Neither of which, thankfully, represents the entirety of their respective demographics!

    This reminds me of something Against Biblical Counseling posted awhile back. It's a link to an article about how a Christian group had a "purity raid" on a gay bar, and apparently talked a mentally unstable man into faking a mystical not-gay-anymore conversion experience.

    Personally I think the ideological extremists who use Christianity to push their anti-gay views are afraid of being proven wrong. If gay marriage were allowed, and if gay couples turned out to be no more nor less dysfunctional than straight couples, their opinions about the so-called sinfulness of being gay wouldn't hold as much weight.

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