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Ken Ham blames Darwin for racism

Ken Ham, of Answers in Genesis, writes in that the legacy of Darwin is moral relativism and racism. I agree with the first, at least if evolution opened your eyes to atheism (though it didn't for me). Absolute morals is hogwash. I have discussed this at some length with Alan the tent missionary, blogger at Rhoblogy (here and here).

But racism? Not only was there plenty of if prior to 1859, and not only has it decreased up until today (yesterday was so-so), but there is no evidence that atheists are more racist than religious people. On the contrary. Tell me honestly: Do you have any trouble thinking of a religious person or society that is deeply racist? How about Abraham's God, for starters (Deuteronomy 7:6)? How about Apartheid?
When the NP came into power in 1948, its primary endeavour was to attain a white supremacist Christian National State and implement racial segregation.
On the other hand, evolution has a good scientific explanation (not justification, if you could please make that distinction) for why humans are inherently racist, but it also gives us a good reason why we shouldn't be.

For more on evolution and racism, check out
Racism is thousands of years older than the theory of evolution, and its prevalence has probably decreased since Darwin's day; certainly slavery is much less now. That is the opposite of what we would expect if evolution promotes racism.


  1. All good points.

    The truth is, bigoted, crazy people will always find an excuse to kill, maim and generally malign other groups of people. The inquisition didn't need Darwin to try and kill of one group or another, and groups of the future definitely won't. People will always make excuses for that kind of behavior - it's not evolution or Darwin's fault if they twist his theories to their sick agendas, no more than it's any God's fault if people bomb abortion clinics or crash planes into buildings.

  2. Well, that last statement about God I'm not so sure about. I guess it depends on what kind of god that is. If he intervenes and cause miracles, then I might hold him responsible.

    But between you and me, since there's nothing there, there's nothing to blame.

  3. Not that racism is bad. It just is, right?

  4. Most people think it's bad. That there are no absolute morals doesn't mean that. Either you are making your silly point for the umpteenth time, or you really haven't understood anything that I've said about the matter.

    Others can read the whole exchange over on Rhology's blog, Rhoblogy, here, and here.


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