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I pledge to make God the issue...

I was invited to submit a pledge on I Pledge God. I pledged this:

I Pledge To Make God The Issue … by speaking out against the arrogant presumption that one must believe in a supreme being to be a good, ethical citizen.

Someone else submitted this minutes before I arrived at the site, and I thought that was so good that I just copied it. That looked like this:

Minutes later the page looked like this:

Flagged, and moderated out of the interwebs. My pledge didn't quite fit in, I suppose.

So what's all this about? From the site:
What is the I PLEDGE Project?

My father, Bill Bright, said, "We can trace all our human problems to our view of God." [We can trace many of our problems to the fact that we have a view of God.] This is not only true on the individual level, but on the societal level as well. Our view of God is what shapes and informs our worldview and our behavior. [And this is a huge problem.] It is an issue of cause and effect.

For too long we have been trying to suppress cultural symptoms without addressing the real cause--our culture's view of God. [If you mean cultural symptoms like bad education, international conflict, poverty, etc. then the real cause is definitely not that some people do not believe in any god at all.] It's like patching cracks in the walls of a house while ignoring an unstable foundation. The cracks will continue to appear and spread unless the foundation is repaired.

The only way to bring about real change in culture is to change society's view of God. [I think there are other ways, but I do agree that changing people's view of God to one of a non-existent god would bring about some real, good change. Oh, and note, society does not have a view, people have views.] This is why we are asking people to take the PLEDGE to make God the issue in their own lives and their communities.

Join us by taking the PLEDGE to make GOD the issue during these challenging times and become part of the real solution. [Pledge, if you must, to give God the credit that he deserves: If he ignores us, let's ignore him back.]


  1. I added a few, most of which were "flagged as inappropriate".

    "I Pledge To Make God The Issue... like he is in the middle east." -Roger

    "I Pledge To Make God The Issue... because history, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government" -Thomas Jefferson


    Interestingly, you can remove any pledge by just clicking the little flag twice. Also, the message attribute doesn't filter what you give it; here's "i pledge god" displaying the bible warning label:

  2. That's hilarious. Thanks for the tip, Anon.


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