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Heaven is for drug addicts

To go to Christian Heaven one must have live a "good life" of some sort or believe in Christ as you savior, depending on denomination. Fair enough, I say, if that's what it takes, neither of these conditions sound too unreasonable.

However, actually going to Heaven sounds altogether unreasonable to me.

Consider what heaven is supposed to be like. Generally a place of happiness. A place of peaceful rest for the soul. Who would not want to enter such a place? What could be wrong with it?

I'll tell you what's wrong with such an awful place. What's wrong with it is that once you go there you're expected to be happy, despite the fact that some of those you love are being tormented in Hell for all eternity.

Could you imagine sitting in Heaven enjoying yourself and the company, or whatever is so great about the place, ignoring the fact that, say, your children who didn't quite cut it are having an awful time down there? I don't think many parents can think of anything worse than their children suffering. It would be like standing outside a burning building enjoying the sight and when someone walks over and asks why you aren't going inside, you answer that you like it better out here. When this person reminds you that your children are inside the burning building, you just answer that you already know that.

In Heaven, you are having a great time, when some saint comes over and asks you if you like it here. "Yeah, it's really nice, thank you very much for asking." "But your children are burning in Hell!?" "Yeah, I know. It's great!"

Heaven, in other words, only works if you're on drugs.

You tell me what the difference is between the two examples, please. If you say that people have to make their own choices, also concerning their path to Heaven, then how is that different from you warning them that they should leave the building, because it will catch fire soon?

So, I don't care what God will do with me, or if he is my creator. When I stand before him I will tell him to his face what I think of him. Anyone who can but won't save my children from excruciating agony shouldn't expect me to sit and enjoy myself in his garden of joy. Pffft!!

P.S. If it isn't already clear, let me make sure to say that I do not for a moment believe there is any god of any kind. Also, in the above I have also assumed that this God omnipotent, which is universally claimed in all denominations of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, as far as I understand.


  1. I've actually encountered Christians who claim that they would feel joy over the eternal torment of unbelievers like me.

    Nice, huh?

  2. Yeah, that's a very common sentiment, in my observation.

  3. The believe that you end in heaven or hell dependent on your action is evangelical believe crap.

    Christians believe that you end in heaven no matter what, due to gods infinite love...
    And actually Jesus promissed heaven on earth, which sounds very specific to me


  4. Well, there are many denominations that preach Hell. In 2007 of the US population 28.6% was Evangelical and 24.5% Roman Catholics. Both of these groups believe Hell is very real. They call themselves Christians.

  5. Here's a question from a religion 101 exam:

    According to at least one sainted church father, one of the pleasures of the saved will be to behold the agony of the damned. What would be the best time of day in heaven for a mother to behold the agony of her only son?

    1. Early in the morning before it gets too crowded
    2. Mid-day when she can compare notes and share the celebration with other mothers
    3. Late at night when she can enjoy the flames in starker contrast


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