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Obama provides for more healthcare

Again, words fail me. I love Obama. More healthcare coverage for children:

President Barack Obama on Wednesday signed a law expanding a health program to include 3.5 million uninsured children, advancing an overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system despite the embarrassing withdrawal of his nominee to lead the initiative.


"In a decent society, there are certain obligations that are not subject to trade-offs or negotiations -- healthcare for our children is one of those obligations," Obama said.
Contrast that with what Bush had to say about it:
President George W. Bush twice vetoed similar bills, arguing it would raise taxes and encourage businesses and families to drop private insurance and switch to the program.
People should switch to this program. It's a burden for families and companies to pay for it, and society should, as Obama opines, take the responsibility. And yes, it will raise taxes - on tobacco products, from $.39 per pack to $1.00. What a sacrifice!

In my mind everybody in America should be covered through taxes. Not only does that directly benefit the poor the most - as it should, since those people are the most in need - but I also posit that it would transform society on a massive scale. I imagine that with worry over health care costs gone, companies and families will have both financially and emotionally the strength to lead more prosperous and caring lives. Apparently Obama seems to agree:
The bill was "a downpayment on my commitment to cover every single American," he added.
Congratulations, America!

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